Friday, August 21, 2009

Week in review

I have not posted since Monday, after my initial Methotrexate dose, well, mainly because there was little to report. This is very good news that I am tolerating this medicine without the worst side effects.

I went to a little Summer gathering yesterday and actually was able to stay for about 2 hours. Of course only non-alcohol beverages for this RA newby, and I do like a glass of red wine on occasion! When my ankle started to ached, I left. But it was nice to be out and even ran into an old friend!

I am still filled with uncertainty every morning, and from time to time sudden pains reinforce that uncertainty.

By the way, Rheumatoid Arthritis Warrior posted about the really poorly researched article on RA published in Women's Day - you should read the article and then see many of our comments - . Thank Warrior for brining it to all our attention, and so I added my comment titled "This is irresponsible reporting!!" and here is the text of my comment (I think it's good to reiterate it):

You have totally trivialized Rheumatoid Arthritis in this article! It is very disappointing that you may be contributing to potentially there being less real awareness and thus less emphasis on finding real cure for this debilitating disease! Imagine for example, sitting at a dinner table for more than 15 mintues, and then practically not being able to get up because your knees are in so much pain and have so much stiffnes that you have to take a few minutes to straighten them out and then it's like having someone stick needles into your knees when you try to walk and all you can do is shuffle across the floor! And imagine that just few months ago you were running 5 miles a day! Imagine the emotional pain associated with that!

No, this is not just inaccuarte, this is irresponsible! You are undermining the efforts of so many RA sufferers who work very hard to increas the awareness and hope for a real cure in their life-time! You should really consider doing an in-depth article that includes real RA patient stories!!! You should also report on the treatment, how potent the medication is, and the various very serious side effects. You should report on how the quality of life is reduced for the RA patients and their families! How the husbands/wives, parents and children are affected! The increased percentage of RA patients that also suffer from depression due to their RA. Comon!!! Do the right thing!

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  1. I've enjoyed reading your story so far!

    I'm also one of the lucky people without any mtx side effects, and I've been taking it for 15 years now. I felt nauseous for about 2 weeks at first, and since then I've been fine. I hope things continue to go so well for you with it!