Sunday, August 23, 2009

Gotta keep moving

Although the day started a bit rough with achy ankles and, oh joy, raging perimenopausal hormons kicking in, it is ending on an up-note.

It did take me quite a while to finally get off the couch and get moving. I finally went grocery shopping by almost noon, which is very late for me! But that was the best I could do, so that was that.

And then I went to The Plunge, which is an indoor pool is located in Mission Beach. It's has been restored (it was originally built in the early 1900's) and is part of a sports club now. The water is warm, and the south wall has a mural painted by Wyland, famous marine life artist, depicting Orcas playing in the ocean. It's beautiful! I swam laps for about 25 minutes and it helped stretch out the old joints and improve my attitude, which was in need of improvement. The dry suana after the swim was an added bonus.

So with renewed energy and spirit, I even made some spaghetti for dinner, and hubby added his special touches to the sauce to make it delicious, as I can't seem to get the taste just right! And now for some blueberries and frozen yogurt for desert. Like I said, day is ending much better than it started!

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