Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sangrias and stem cells!!!

Yesterday started a bit slow after lowering the steroid dose day before, but my friend M and I had a major attitude adjustment at lunch over Tapas and Sangrias!! So although my ankle, wrists and fingers are a bit more stiff, it didn't affect having really good time and enjoying a bit of a naughty afternoon. Thanks M.!!

This positive attitude adjustment was just what I needed! And it kept on when we went to T's High School reunion later that evening. Took some Ibuprofin before leaving, and even wore my high heel wedges! Met a woman at the reunion who is working at one of the local research hospitals and is actually working in the stem cell area. It was difficult to have a meaningful conversation over Margaritas and loud music, but she did mention that there is work being done with stem cell and autoimmune diseases. So this morning I started looking into it, and found the NIH (National Institute for Health) Stem Cell Information site specifically addressing Stem Cells and Autoimmune diseases and the progress being made in this area:
- looks very promissing! I won't try to summarize here, you should read all this information to fully understand what is being done.

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