Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hearing what I need to hear

Sometimes we hear or see things we need to just at the right time.

I just heard Ted Kennedy Jr. eulogize his father, Senator Kennedy and the story of when after loosing his leg to bone cancer at 12 years old, his dad took him sledding. Young Teddy started crying when he felt he could not climb the hill with his new prosthetic leg, and how Ted Sr. picked him and told him that they will climb that hill even if takes them the entire day trying!

Somehow a thought of a little kid struggling after a loss of his leg to walk up that slippery, icy hill will now be my reminder to accept any limitations that might come my way with as much grace as I can muster and to also persevere within those limitations.

I said with grace. Grace... there are many definitions and I choose "moral strength" and I always hoped and aspired to go trough my life with grace. This was just another reminder for me to not to loose that as my guiding principle.


  1. It's good to read that your medications seem to be working well for you at the moment, without too many side-effects.

    Sometimes it seems like RA will rob us of some important things in life...but as long as we know that our guiding principles are still there, everything in the end is going to be okay. Thanks for this post.

  2. Thanks RA Guy, you are very inspiring and I am very grateful for your writings and how you manage your RA!