Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sensible Shoes

The sexy Red sling-back stiletto
The Dark plum kitten heel
The elegant Black suede pump
The Satin and gold peep-toe
The fun turquoise wedge
The metallic platform
The fabulous purple alligator stack heel
No more!

I walk on shards of glass
Now from morning till night
My toes on fire
And heels filled with thorns

I miss you all
You red stilettos, serious attitude adjusters
You black pumps for a night out
And you purple alligators that made any occasion

No more!

But doctor, I cry
Look at my closet full of
Sling-backs and pumps, and wedges and mules!
My doctors last words
Wear sensible shoes!

1 comment:

  1. I love this poem. I felt just this way.

    I haven't been able to wear pretty shoes for 23 years because of rheuma. But I have finally made peace with the fact, and I've found sources for shoes that are fairly attractive in spite of having roomy toe-boxes and low heels.

    Sending warmth and comfort your way. Chin up!